With the school's Christian Vision and Mission, we will endeavor to attain the following objectives: 1. To instill a strong sense of mission that moves them to live a life of faith that does justice inspiring others to do likewise; 2. To provide transformative learning activities and experiences that uphold the meaning of life in the light of Christ's teaching and example, helping each other to become participative in the building of BEC expressive of quality education; 3. To develop intellectual capacities, affective competencies, behavioral and scientific skills to promote human development and genuine indigenous cultural heritage. 4. To develop basic knowledge, values, attitudes, skills, habits, beliefs and potentials for meaningful, creative and wholesome living contributive to the growth and development of the community, country and the world.


About Us

Its Humble Beginning It was on June 10, 1969, when Saint Louis Pacdal was established by the mission council of the CICM fathers. This was headed by the bishop of the Vicariate of Montañosa, the late Msgr. William Brasseur, popularly



SCHOLARSHIPS AND GRANTS OFFERED ESC Grantees with PH 6,500.00 (For Grade 7 only) Discount on Tuition Fee for First and Second Honors Sibling Discount Requirements for Examination Photocopy of Report card Testing Fee of PHP 150.00 (for incoming Grade 7


SLP Alumni Association

 About The SLP Alumni Association, was created in December 12, 2009 and registered as an association with the SEC Mission The Alumni Association objectives are: To keep in touch with the former students and promote contacts between them, and to